We won’t our final project with prezi. The Mr. Akayoğlu changed it. We have an account from Weebly. We will make a internet siteand we will share our story jumper, digital story telling, podcast,online comminities of practice, mobile application. In addition to , we add some information about us such as biograpy,personal interest,twitter account, facebook page, e-mail adress, blog adress.
We need to do a lot of thing for our final project. This project will be difficult for us. I hope we will do it.
Also, we have learned Second life web page. We can teach a course or we can have a conferance. It is a like a classroom. There is a teacher and there are some students. The students can ask question and the teacher answer it. This is a useful and enjoyful web page for us.


Podcast and Audioboo…

Firstly, this week we have learned podcasts. You can download some files on your mobile phone. You can record radio programs on the internet for any. When you want, you can listen to these programs. There are four types of podcasts.

1. Authentic podcasts
2. Teacher podcasts
3. Student podcasts
4. Educator podcasts

Audioboo is another radio program. This week we have a task about audioboo. We will record our voice to this program. Also, we can listen some radio program and we can improve our English.

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Story jumper and Movie maker

In this week, we have learnt two important things for us.

1. movie maker: we made up a story and we published in the blogger page. My story name was The Little Bird Misbu. I like it very much. I will it for my future students. I hope, my friends will like it.

2. story jumper: I like this page very much. It is very useful. We can compose our stories easily. my first book name is The Gingerbread Man. While I was preparing this book,  I enjoyed.


Twitter and Facebook…

This week, our topic was twitter and facebook. I couldn’t attend the class in this week but I learned from my friends.

Mr. Akayoğlu wanted everyone to have an account on twitter and facebook. I have facebooka account but I didn’t have twitter. Now, I have twitter account. I don’t think a lot about the twitter but I will learn as the tiem goes on.

I will follom my friends and some pages related our department. I think, I will be very social person thanks to this class.

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WiziQ :))

We have learnt this week online conference and wiziQ.  I like wiziQ very much . It is very useful program. The graduate students can do whatever they want in the wiziQ. They can share a video and they discuss about it.

While the teacher is giving a lesson, students can chat near the board.

There is a whiteboard in the wiziQ. Everybody joined the grup cn use the white board and the other students in the class can see.

While you are making a presentation, the students can ask some question and their question can be seen on the whiteboard.

You are make course and your students can watch you as a real classroom atmosphere.

WiziQ is very useful for us actually. W have leart how we can use wiziQ so that I will continue to use it from now on and I will recommend to myfriends.:))

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New CALL lesson

This week we have learnt some new things . They are;
  • nicenet
  • online class
  • campus dokeo

In online class: 

Campus Dokeos: the teacher  add some documents and videos on tis page and the student can watch and red them.

They are very useful for us. When we become a teacher, we can use online class. This system is very useful and interesting for the students.


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The Prezi…

We have learned media literacy today. We need to share accurate information. For example; you can share a pictur by changing. If you want to reflect on what you can change it and share it, so some pictures are interpreted in a different way

In addition to, we have learned Prezi. It is wonderful thing and I like it very much.

Prezi is like power point. You can make presentation with prezi. If you want to prepare a presentation with prezi, you need to have internet. It is not free. Prezi is extraordinary and offers a visual feast. It is an attactive program.

After I have learned to prepare the presentation with prezi, I will prepare my presentation with prezi. I won’t use power point program. Power point program is usual and ordinary. But Prezi is very useful to draw students’ attention.

Thanks Mr.Akayoğlu for teaching us Prezi:)

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